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Hannah personally flies all of our puppies home. She makes the process so easy for everyone. We have multiple transport options available.

*FLIGHT NANNY- We will need to know 3-4 weeks in advance if you need to have your puppy flown to you. We will arrange a day that works for the both of us so puppy drop off is a breeze. Hannah will book the flight ticket and fly into your airport of choice. We have also had many families fly into our nearest airport in Houston and we meet them there at baggage claim. They are all flown with flight necessities and in an airline approved crate. Most of the time the puppies fly sitting on my lap and they soak up the attention. This is the easiest and most stress free way to transport a puppy. It’s quick and every family I have flown a puppy for has been more than satisfied and relieved to have done it that way. Families are required to pay for flight cost, airline crate and flight nanny fee. I do allow families to split this fee if I am flying 2 puppies in 1 day. 

GROUND- I have a trustworthy ground transporter that I can hire to have your puppy brought to you. If you choose to go this route, I will not send the puppy via ground until its 12 weeks old and has completed puppy shots. There are other animals in the vehicle with your puppy and I wouldn’t want it getting sick or catching diseases. 

If you are in Ft. Worth, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Beaumont, Louisiana, I will personally deliver your puppy to you. I charge .85 c a mile. I will also meet halfway. 

Sit back and relax while we arrange safe transportation for your special new family member!

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