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Our pride and joy.
We owe our great success and beautiful dogs all to our beloved Lilly. We are so thankful to have had 12 years with her. She was a huge part of our family and she knew she ran the household. If you needed to vacuum in the spot she was laying..well too bad..come back to it later. 

There’s no doubt Whiskey is going to grow into a big animal. They have already doubled their birth weight and show no signs of slowing down any time soon. With their inquisitive personality, this is an animal who will need plenty of love and attention!


Lillys only daughter. A true hunting machine. Always had the want to please. We also owe her so much gratitude for the mouth dropping 3 litters she produced for us. Not 1 of her puppies goes unnoticed anywhere. 

From the minute they were born, Spot has completely captivated us. Their big eyes and sunny personality are an unbeatable combination and they are sure to bring lots of joy to their new forever family.

Dogs of the Past: Females
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